We won’t consider you a customer or a client—we’ll consider you a partner. That term is thrown around a lot, but what it means to us is that if it isn’t a win-win, then why the heck are we doing business at all?

We do our jobs with intense focus, dedication, and professionalism to deliver consistently predictable, secure, and modern IT. 

However…we realize IT is really just a small part of our jobs.  Our real jobs are making your people happy.  And for us to make your people happy we have to be happy.  So that means in between the networking and cloud building we are shooting pool, asking about your weekend and laughing at the racy subject line that just landed in your inbox.  

Said differently, we like people and want to know our clients, not just be faceless, remote IT cyborgs serving you from another planet.

We’re small enough to be personal and flexible, yet big enough to bring the latest tools to solve your problems. Being local means we take our commitment to each client seriously.

 We’re a bit like your mom — we’ll always pick up the phone when you call, and any problem of yours is our problem too. (Although, your mom’s casseroles are way better.  See you there on Sunday!) 

 So let’s start the conversation. If you are looking to upgrade your IT partner we’ll talk to you in your terms, ask lots of questions, provide education about how to make IT successful (whether with us or not) and make sure you get the right kinds of services for your business. 

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I just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how happy the City of Red Lodge is with First Call Solutions.  You guys made the transition painless and saved us quite a bit of money going forward.  You guys are awesome!!

Loni Hanson

Clerk/Treasurer, City of Red lodge